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Premium Design

DOMAG employs European style into its luminaire design. The integration of both elements in simplicity and sophistication makes DOMAG products such attraction for designers and users.

MIT (Made in Taiwan) Origin

DOMAG produces its products in Taiwan only, for which MIT products represent its globally-known for superior quality assurance.

Competitive with brand names

DOMAG dedicates its efforts on continuously competing with world class brand names. The outstanding performance of DOMAG lightings unquestionably revealed from its high luminous efficacy , well dispersion system and wonderful lighting effect.

Economically priced

DOMAG offers quality products with competitive price to benefit all customers economically.

OEM/ODM Capability & Flexibility

DOMAG provides OEM/ODM services for clients who have specific needs and preference for their target markets. DOMAG welcomes partnership with firms which have demand in high quality and uniquely designed products.